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After discovering his Fiancé has run off with The Dentist, Dylan finds himself alone on a beach with only the sandpipers to commiserate with. Until a beachcomber with a mysterious past appears with some tough love and new perspective. "Remora: A Modern Folktale" is a comedy about letting go created by Cassie Ahiers, Grace Palmer and Anthony Lombard.

Spiraling, created by Cassie Ahiers and Grace Palmer, is an offbeat sketch comedy pilot that explores confidently misguided people. Each sketch features the downward spiral of its characters, from an ambitious NBA reporter to an overzealous ad duo on the verge of a social face plant. The pilot’s roster features some of the freshest comedians from Shrill (Hulu), Mrs. Fletcher (HBO), Southside (Comedy Central), Russian Doll (Netflix) and more.

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