Video Editor

As a video editor I work for a variety of clients and have experience editing short films (especially sketch comedy), promotional and social media videos, vlogs, interviews, reels, and music videos. My training as an actor, comedy writer, and improviser make me an expert storyteller with sharp comedic timing which are both evident in my work as an editor.  Hire me to edit your next project!

Alison Roman - Home Movies
(Lead Editor)

Alison Roman's home cooking show!

Directed by Dan Hurwitz

TeePublic - Holiday spot

(Lead Editor)

TeePublic's holiday spot - 2020.

Directed by Kyle Sauer

Aéropostale - Holiday spot

(Assistant Editor)

Aéropostale holiday spot - 2020.

Directed by Kyle Sauer

The GoProfessional

GoPro aficionado and cinematographer Deb Oliver shares her film making techniques with a documentary crew.

Written and Edited by Grace Palmer
Directed by Adam Volerich
Produced by Means Of Productions
Cinematography by Adam Volerich
Staring Grace Palmer, Jefferson White, Grace Rex, Kathiamarice Lopez, Karoline Xu, Sergio Caetano, and Daniel Johnson

Spiraling - Sketch Comdy pilot

Spiraling, created by Cassie Ahiers and Grace Palmer, is an offbeat sketch comedy pilot that explores confidently misguided people. Each sketch features the downward spiral of its characters, from an ambitious NBA reporter to an overzealous ad duo on the verge of a social face plant. The pilot’s roster features some of the freshest comedians from Shrill (Hulu), Mrs. Fletcher (HBO), Southside (Comedy Central), Russian Doll (Netflix) and more.

Terroir - Sketch Comedy

Yoshua Tallbottom prepairs foodie culture for the coming climate collapse.

Director: Tessa Greenberg
Director of Photography: Adam Volerich
Writer: Devin Ritchie



Devin Ritchie, John Farnsworth, Ruth Solorzano, Brian Morabito, Donald Chang, Paris Adkins, Laakan McHardy

Farm Sanctuary 2020 - Promotional Video

Farm Sanctuary fights the disastrous effects of animal agriculture on animals, the environment, social justice, and public health through rescue, education, and advocacy. More info here.

Edited by Grace Palmer

Sound Design by Ben Vigus